Integra Medical Reporting
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We at Integra can provide you with bespoke and unrivalled service for any client who requires a medical expert examination and report, diagnostic and/or rehabilitation service nationwide.

We continuously work on efficiency and quality and have the necessary foundations and infrastructure to meet the increased demands through our continued growth.

Over time we have generated interest from various Insurance organisations and provide outsourced solutions tailored to their needs. The benefit of our service is that we can provide you with an entirely white label service and offer discounted rates on the provision of medical reports and other services.

Once you register with us you will have the benefit of our online system integra Cloud, where you can view your client appointment details online as well as any other associated client information that will be of use to you.

For further information please contact our business relations team on 0845 862 19 09 or complete the online form to register your interest and we will be soon in touch.