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Online services

Integra Cloud is our online platform to enable an efficient and fast way in organising convenient client appointments and reviewing client information and reports online.

The system is specifically tailored to the needs of solicitors, claims companies, insurance organisations, medical experts and clients. The system is accessed securely and there are different user entry levels based on your company requirements.

Through this system, the solicitor or insurance company can instruct us to arrange medical examination appointments for their clients. Once the appointment is confirmed, the introducer and the client will be provided immediate notification of the appointment details.

The claims companies can view all appointment details for their client and view and print reports related to working with Integra.

Doctors are able to view their client scheduled appointments. They can upload the medical reports to the client file for reviewing by Integra.

The client can access their appointment details, view and print of a client questionnaire and access information relevant to their medical appointment, diagnostic and/or rehabilitation appointments. They can also use the system to cancel and rearrange their appointment.

In addition to some of the features mentioned above there are many more which makes the integration between all parties and flow of information through using integra Cloud an enjoyable and reliable experience.

For more information please contact Integra on or call 0845 862 1909.