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We at Integra can provide your firm with a bespoke and unrivalled professional service. We are able to provide high quality reports from our vast panel of different types of medical and non medical experts. Given our professionalism and high quality service provision, you can feel rest assured that we can deal with all aspects of the clients medico-legal needs.

We will take care of obtaining records, booking appointments, sending client appointment reminders, arranging medical expert examination and report compilation, organizing, imaging and diagnostic requirements and rehabilitation.

All our medical experts are registered with the General Medical Council with good knowledge of medico-legal reporting. All reports are thoroughly checked through are quality assurance cycles to help minimise any errors and all reports are Civil Procedure Rules compliant.

We endeavor to deliver most reports within a few days of client examination and will swiftly deal with any requests that may arise such as making report amendments, completion of addendums and part 35 questions.

Unlike other medico-legal firms, we have various flexible terms which would be of benefit to you. In the case where the client case becomes futile and a medical report has been completed we will waive our costs.

You will also have the benefit of using our online integra Cloud system where you can send us requests for client appointments, receive notification of appointments through email, and access other relevant and important information regarding the client.

For further information please contact our business relations manager on 0845 862 19 09 or complete the online form to register your interest and we will be soon in touch.