Integra Medical Reporting
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Vision and Values

Our vision serves as the foundation on which our company has grown.

  • Team - We currently have an excellent team and we are consistently looking to add new team players who will take the company in new directions to enhance our services further.
  • Satisfaction - Delivering high quality from the point of case inception until case settlement in which both the client and introducer are thoroughly happy with what we do.
  • Productivity - We take great pride in the quality of our reports and we feel through the gradual up scaling of our company we have the foundations and structure in place to maintain this.
  • Market leaders - With a highly driven team, strong company foundations, and regular quality checks we believe we will reach our goals of becoming a reputable service providers in the medico-legal sector.

Our Values pave the way in which we act and behave.

  • Integrity and transparency - We set high standards of professionalism. We display integrity at all times in the decisions we make. We promote open communication and team effort. Our relationships with our partners are based on trust, fairness, commitment and transparency.
  • Strive for Quality - We are very focused on delivering a high quality service from our customer care to production of reports we keep a close eye on quality assurance and continuously look for ways in which we can succeed further.
  • We can - We take the 'we can' approach by working in a positive way and being aware of any limitations that we can forecast. We enjoy the challenges we face, and strive on these through our strong determination and willingness to become market leaders.
  • Responsibility - We take responsibility for our service provision. We are continuously looking to enhance the positive experience of our introducers and clients.