Integra Medical Reporting
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Why Integra

We aim not to fail. We make a promise on delivering high quality medical reports and services and to date this has led to our continuous business and ongoing instructions.

  • Quality assurance - All our reports are fully CPR compliant. Once the medical reports are completed by our experts, we have a team which carries out quality control procedures to ensure each report is met to the highest standard . We have found our attention to detail prevents reports being returned to us for amendments and overall reduces time wastage.
  • Turnaround times - As our current introducers can verify, we have fast turnaround times in producing reports. All our reports are produced in-house ensuring from the point the client is examined, the medical report is delivered to the respective solicitor within a few days.
  • Coverage - We have a large panel of medical experts based throughout the country. Therefore, no matter wherever your client may be living, we will make every effort to ensure your client is seen locally.
  • Flexibility - We understand that you may have you own procedures on how you would like to work. At Integra we believe we can accommodate all your needs and work in harmony to achieve the best results.
  • Own credit control - We have a dedicated and experienced team to ensure any invoices are followed up and we can liaise and negotiate directly with insurance account departments. We have found this reduces a solicitor's administration burden.
  • Online system 'Integra Cloud' - This online tool serves as the complete solution for solicitors, medical experts, claims companies and clients. Through this online system appointments can be booked, viewed, notifications made as well as other specific functions which will be unique for the user type.